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Shutters are perfect for the summer

With the warmer weather approaching many home owners and families are thinking about the best ways to create a cool yet shaded environment in rooms of the house. Shutters are one of the best options available for this, with standard dressings such as curtains just not allowing for the same effect.  The great thing about having shutters fitted for the summer is that even when the colder seasons come you can still use them to create a cosy and warm environment. Shutters have been used in many countries throughout time and are great for not just extreme climates, but also the UK, where they are used for ventilation and shading in the summer and heat retention in the winter, making them an ideal solution from any home in England. On bright summer days, plantation shutter louvres are perfect for redirecting the glare or sunlight UV rays away from important items in the house such as furniture and of course allowing you and your family some escape from the sun when relaxing in the home. At the same time you can adjust to keep air flow in, to keep your home well ventilated and at a cool temperature. Some of the most popular shutters for the summer include tier on tier and café style. Tier on tier shutters allow for the top and bottom panels to be opened independently, which offers maximum lighting but also privacy when needed. They are great for larger areas and windows which can be opened up for airflow, but also a great insulator when it gets colder. Café style shutters often cover the bottom half of windows which allows for maximum light at all times, but with two thirds of the window commonly covered you get great privacy in built up areas and cities such as London. We can also fit shutters to your conservatory which not only look great, but add a layer of protection to a part of the home which gets the majority of sun light and heat in the summer. Custom made to a bespoke design, these shutters will allow the perfect mix of light control, insulation and privacy to any shape of conservatory.

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