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Shutter options for a shallow arched top window

shallow arched top window

Arched top windows are a beautiful architectural feature and if you are lucky enough to have one in your property, you may have found it tricky finding a suitable window dressing to complement it. Shallow arched top windows present a unique design challenge, but there are several shutter styles which can work well with such windows to enhance their aesthetics and functionality. Here are some shutter options which are suitable for shallow arched top windows:

Café-style shutters

If you want to cover the square section of the window only and leave the arch area alone then café-style shutters are a great option. They will cover only the bottom portion of the window, typically up to the point where the arch begins. This style allows for privacy and light control at eye level while leaving the arched top exposed. This combination can be particularly attractive with shallow arches.

Full coverage

If you are keen to shutter up the entire window, it is not a problem. All our shutters are made to measure so we can accommodate shutters for arches and other awkward shapes. You may opt to have the shutter on the arch section fixed and a movable square section, or maybe you would like the option to open the shuttered arch section as in the example below:


Arch only coverage

Some customers prefer to dress the arched area with shutters only, leaving the square area exposed or dressed with curtains as in the example below:

Louvred or solid shutters

Depending on your style and functional preferences, you can choose to have either louvred or solid shutters. Or maybe a combination of both. We love the look of solid shutters on the squared section of the window, and louvred shutters on the arch. Not only does this design create a stunning focal point, but it is also great for areas which demand privacy and light in unison. You can either opt for the slats in the arch to run straight up and down or out in a fan-like configuration.

Complement with colour

We have tons of colours and stains to choose from, but if you are still struggling to find what you need, our colour-match service will accommodate. You can choose to have the whole shutter system painted in one colour, several colours, or have a certain colour on the frame and another for the louvres. We can even paint each louvre a different colour if required (although an additional cost is charged for bespoke colour requests).

Shallow or deep mount?

The mounting method you choose can affect the shutter style for arched windows. The mounting method determines how the shutters are attached to the window frame or the surrounding area, and it can influence the overall look and functionality of the shutters. Here are some common mounting methods and how they can impact shutter style for arched windows:

Inside mount

Inside mounting involves attaching the shutters within the window frame itself. This method is often used when you want the shutters to be flush with the window and maintain a sleek, integrated look. For arched windows, inside mounting requires precise measurements to match the arch’s curvature. Shutter panels need to be specially shaped to fit the arch accurately.

Inside mount can work with various custom-made shutter styles, including café-style shutters, and fixed arched shutters.

Outside mount

Outside mounting involves attaching the shutters to the wall or trim surrounding the window. This method is often chosen when the window frame is irregularly shaped, and it provides flexibility in covering the entire window, including the arch.

Outside mount allows for greater flexibility in shutter style choices. You can use traditional rectangular shutters for the lower portion of the window while still accommodating the arch. This method is often used for arched windows when inside mounting is not feasible.

Café-style inside mount

When using café-style shutters on arched windows, an inside mount for the lower section of the window is common. This allows for privacy at eye level while leaving the arched portion open for aesthetics and natural light.

Combination mounting

In some cases, a combination of inside and outside mounting may be used. For example, you could have inside-mounted shutters for the lower portion of the window and an outside-mounted panel above the arch to cover it.

Ultimately, the choice of mounting method for arched windows will depend on factors such as the window’s architecture, your aesthetic preferences, and practical considerations. Customisation is often required to ensure the shutters fit the specific shape and size of the window, especially when dealing with arched windows. Luckily, customisation is our speciality!

Our team of design consultants work with customers to determine the most suitable mounting method and shutter style for your arched windows. Request an appointment today and we’ll chat through everything together.

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