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How to keep a room cool in summer with window shutters

Whilst keeping all your windows open to let fresh air flow through your property during warm weather is a valid reason, experts recommend closing both shutters and windows during the hottest times of the day when experiencing spells of extreme heat. Here is the method for using shutters effectively during extreme heat, recommended by those in the know…

How to use shutters effectively during extreme heat

Early morning – when you wake, open windows, shutters, and internal doors to allow cool air to flow into the room and through the house.

Morning – once the house has been ventilated and cooled, close windows, shutters, and internal doors where possible to trap cool air in rooms for as long as possible. This also ensures the direct sunlight and hot air is kept out of rooms.

Evening – when the sun has gone down and the outside air temperature starts to cool, open your shutters, windows, and internal doors once again to allow the stale air out and fresh, cooler air in.

During the night – close your shutters but leave your windows open if you can. Alternatively, open them as soon as you wake.

It’s not just the experts that promote this method of closing shutters and windows to keep your rooms cooler, the government are huge promoters of using shutters as an effective passive cooling measure, and our customers can corroborate it too. In fact:

of our customers use this method during extreme heat/heatwaves.

of our customers say that since having window shutters installed, they have noticed their rooms are kept cooler during the heat.

of those customers say that shutters are more effective at keeping the sun and heat out of a room than curtains or blinds.

There’s no arguing with those statistics!

In summary, the basic rule of thumb is that you should close your windows and shutters when the temperature outside starts to exceed the temperature inside. It may seem counterintuitive, but as the temperature climbs, you’ll often make you home warmer, not cooler, by opening the windows.

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