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Maximising Your Interior Design With Plantation Shutters, Shutters

Shutters Perfect for Bathrooms, Shower Rooms and Wet Rooms

Our bespoke plantation shutters are the ideal solution for bathrooms and other wet rooms. Bathrooms are one area that many homeowners find difficult to find the right window coverings for as many solutions either don’t work, or can become damaged and have no real longevity. Traditional coverings such as curtains can hang over areas such as the toilet, bath and sink, which is not ideal in a room where moisture is regularly present. This can lead to damp and mould over the coverings, not only an eyesore, but hard to maintain and unhygienic. Thinner wooden shutters can warp due to the humid environment and will regularly need replacing or maintenance. Our bespoke shutters are made from hard wearing wood and can even be created with an ABS plastic coating, which make them the perfect selection for the bathroom. Our Permawood shutters are ideal for wet rooms and bathrooms, are easy to maintain and come with a 3 year warranty for peace of mind. The plastic coating make them extremely water resistant. Other benefits to having our plantation shutters installed in your bathroom include ease of use and light control, perfect for setting any ambiance you desire. Allow light to flood in through the windows or partially or fully close the wooden louvers for great privacy. Shutters can also be designed and fitted to many different shapes and sizes of windows, which makes them the perfect fit every time, compared to more traditional window coverings. As with all our shutters there are many different options to think about, including the colour and style of your new shutters. We would love to talk you through the different options available for your bathroom and help you create the perfect look. Some of the best shutter installations take place in the bathroom so don’t leave this room out when transforming your home!

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