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Some of the many benefits of Plantation Shutters

Traditionally shutters were used to keep the home protected from the elements way before the use of glass in houses. These days however, with the ever increasing changes and styles of the modern day home, we are finding that the benefits of plantation shutters are only increasing. There are three main reasons why people wish to cover their windows which are ventilation, light and privacy. Plantation shutters do all three of these to an exceptional standard, but there are also other reasons why people opt for shutters over more traditional window dressings!


One of the most hardwearing forms of window dressing which are often only fully opened if the windows need a clean, resulting in hardly any issues of wear and tear throughout the shutters life. The wooden louvre blades can easily be replaced or maintained using a small screw to tighten or loosen the fitment depending on personal preference. Adjusting can be done without the worry of causing damage.

Noise Reduction

If you live on a busy street or have high external noise levels around the house, then shutters can really help to form a barrier between the window and the room, in turn bringing down noise levels. Solid shutters are probably the best at achieving this, although plantation shutters provide and excellent solution while also allowing for light and ventilation.


When the louvres of plantation shutters are closed a solid barrier is formed between the window and room which is an excellent way of insulating the house and keeping energy costs down. The louvres are also designed in a way that helps reduce heat leaking out of your house when closed.

Ease of Care

There is no need for professional cleaning with plantation shutters. The shutter unit and louvres can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, which helps not only remove dust from the unit and your home, but helps keep their appearance as they were from new. This in turn can help alleviate allergies and asthma from children and family members.


Of course one of the other major benefits of plantation shutters are the overall look and style they can add to your new or existing home. Many people opt to have these fitted not only for their ventilation and privacy properties, but mainly because they look so great in any room. The looks of these alone can add value to your home and make each room and space a joy to live in.

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