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What is considered bad feng shui for a bedroom?

Let’s face it, getting a good night’s sleep is one of the kindest things we can do for a healthy body and mind. Sleep allows us to recharge, heal and recuperate. Those getting plenty of shut eye tend to see improvements in concentration and productivity, a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and depression, as well as better immune function and emotional balance compared to those that do not sleep particularly well. A well thought out interior design and the practice of good feng shui in your bedroom can also help you drift into a dreamy state until morning. If you are thinking of sprucing up your bedroom in the coming months, here are a few tips to ensure positive energy flows all night long.

Nail the layout
Bedroom feng shui all begins with the commanding position of your bed. If you do nothing else, try NOT to have the bed directly facing the bedroom door. Feng shui experts say you should be facing the door but not be directly in line with it. Placing your bed on the same wall as your door is thought to feel threatening, like someone may wake you in the night. Plus, try to include a soft headboard against a solid wall as in feng shui terms they are said to provide a feeling support in life (heavy/cast iron/barred headboards are said to have a “cutting” type energy that you will want to avoid when creating a calming space). Try to avoid sharp corners or angles within the room if you can, particularly along the sides of the bed where you could potentially bang your shins when getting in and out of bed.

Work in pairs
When considering feng shui, try to work in pairs (even if you sleep alone). Pairs are said to promote a loving, balanced energy so present what you can in pairs i.e. two lamps, two pillows, two side tables. Plus, consider equality when laying out and buying furniture for example, have equal space between each piece of furniture (such as the bed and side table), and if you are buying two wardrobes for your bedroom ensure they are the same or of equal size.

Choose furnishings that promote the energy you wish to create
Bagua (energy areas) is at the heart of feng shui. There are eight baguas, which form an energy map that you can superimpose onto the floorplan of your home and use to see where your bedroom falls.  Each bagua represents one of the following areas of your life:

  • Family
  • Wealth and prosperity.
  • Health
  • Helpful people
  • Children
  • Fame
  • Career
  • Partnerships

There are also five elements to consider; wood, fire, water, metal and earth. Each element corresponds to a different bagua and must exist in balance with the other elements.

For example, if your bedroom falls in the wealth & prosperity area where the dominant element is wood you might consider incorporating greens in order to nourish that element. If your bedroom falls within the health and family area where wood is also the dominant element you may want to include lots of family photos in wooden or brown frames.

It is not just about colour either, you can include furnishings and accessories that nurture all five senses for example, essential oils (smell), inviting fabrics (touch), earthy toned ornaments (sight), soothing music (sound) and a small container of water by the bed to evoke the tastebuds when needed. Use an energy map to suss out which elements suit your bedroom’s bagua and add something that embodies that element’s energy, for example a flat, green rug or some calming lavender oils to bring some earth energy.

What colours bring positive energy?

Colours can not only change our mood but also be very therapeutic. Feng shui consultants will tell you that when colours are used according to feng shui principles, they have the power to bring a great deal of positivity into the home. Light tones of purple, such as lavender in the bedroom work well as they promote soothing and restful sleep. Pink is also known to create a calm environment so is great if you have problems sleeping. Again, keep shades light. Green has balancing and restful qualities.

What should I avoid in the bedroom to rid negative energy?
Big no-no’s include:

Technology – if you can make your bedroom a screen free zone then all the better, it will help you switch off and prevent energy being produced around you while you are trying to relax and snooze.

Mirrors – these are said to reflect energy around a space so are not conducive to sound sleep. However, if you do need to hang a mirror in your bedroom, position it so you it is not directly facing the bed and instead, facing and reflecting something that you love looking at.

Clutter – there is nothing like a good decluttering to rid any negative energy in the air. Clutter under the bed in particular, can cause stress and headache. A clear bedroom makes for uncluttered thinking so store items under the bed by all means, but make sure it is organised well and includes only the essentials – everything else needs to go.

Interior window shutters are a fantastic way to streamline the look of your room. No bulky curtains taking up space, just made to measure, quality shutters made by us, for you. If you are thinking of adding them to your bedroom (or other room in your house) remember, we are able to craft shutters with integrated blinds to ensure the best room darkening achievable through a window dressing. Give us a call, and we will talk you through your options.


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