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Stop energy sneaking out the Windows


With many homeowners looking for ways to tackle the current British economic climate, saving money in any possible way in and around the house has become a top priority. There are many obvious improvements you can make around the house such as reducing your general consumption through your use of the thermostat, hot water temperature, turning off appliances and using energy efficient appliances and bulbs. Did you know that simply turning you heating thermostat down by just 1 degree can reduce energy consumption by over 5%? One of the often overlooked losses of energy is caused by drafts and energy escaping through windows and doors. Approximately one third of homes total heat loss usually occurs through windows and doors. Many homes will fit draft excluders to doors but windows are often overlooked. Many people think that because windows look perfectly sealed that no energy is lost, this is not the case! One of the ways heat and energy passes through windows is by conduction, which basically is a term for heat passing through a solid material such as the glass and frame. This works in the same way as if you were holding a hot cup of tea, the outside of the cup becomes hot as the heat from the tea passes through the cup. The insulation of the window is also affected by energy loss through convection.

Convection is a way that heat transfers by the movement of liquid and gasses. Basically the window sucks warmth and heat from the air inside the home closest to the window, that colder air drops and is replaced by new warmer air. This process keeps repeating until the inside air around the window is the same temperature as outside. Shutters are one of the best window dressings to help keep warmth and heat inside the home and avoiding as much energy escaping as possible. Because of the custom fit you get with our shutters, you help create a far better seal and shield, compared to more traditional window dressings such as curtains and blinds. Research carried out by Glasgow Caledonian University found that on a single glazed box sash window there was reduced heat loss of 51% with wooden shutters. Curtains reduced heat loss by 14%. We can fit shutters to many types of windows no matter what shape or size. If you would like more information on the bespoke shutters we can offer then please contact us!

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