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The main functions of Window Shutters

Having new bespoke shutters fitted by us can breathe fresh life into any room of your home, providing style, elegance and functionality for all that live in the house. Shutters have been the top choice of luxury window coverings for centuries and provide a made to measure fit, which will look fantastic for years to come. All our shutters are made to suit each window application and can be designed, finished and specced to match your existing décor and needs. There are many functions that window shutters provide and we will discuss a few of the main ones below.


Shutters are a great way of preventing people from seeing into areas of the home where you would prefer privacy. Depending on the design and style of the shutters you pick, there are different levels of privacy that can be achieved. Some clients wish to have the ability of full privacy, where as some wish to have privacy at certain levels, with the ability to have light enter at the same time. We can discuss the different options with you depending on your needs.


Although shutters are great for enabling privacy and keeping out the light, they are equally great at making dreary rooms become fully lit and open with airflow. Getting the style and type of shutters just right can maximise natural light that can enter your property. Allowing for the right light at the right times can make your rooms a joy to live in through the day and over all seasons. With the ability to adjust the louvres, light can be harnessed to its full potential through each of your rooms.


As with light, our shutters can allow fresh air into the home and keep rooms well ventilated, especially in the spring and summer months. When the colder months come round they can equally help keep the warmth within your home and help to reduce loss of heat and usage of energy. Shutters also work well at eliminating any drafts that may be present.


Not often picked up on is the extra security that plantation shutters can provide to your home. Due to their appearance and construction they can ward off potential thieves who may think twice before entering a window with this obstacle to pass. Partially or fully closed shutters can stop prying eyes from seeing what is within the home such as expensive electricals and valuables which may otherwise have been seen from street level.   These are just a few of the reasons why our clients love shutters, but there are so many other functions and benefits that come with each of our range. If you have been looking for shutters and would like more information on any aspect of them, from design to installation please contact us for a no obligation chat.

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