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We were on Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate!

ShuttersUp were recently featured on series 2 of Sarah Beeny’s Renovate Don’t Relocate, helping a newlywed couple Sonia and Nathan to transform their two-bed starter home in Croydon.

After realising the scale of the renovation job required, Sonia and Nathan were lucky enough to enlist the interior designer Sarah Beeny, who worked with them to bring their dated property to life. The home was a total flashback to the 1970’s and needed some dramatic changes and a radical redesign.

First step was installing cameras throughout the home to better understand how the couple spent their time in the property and how they could remap and redesign the home to better work for them. We loved how Sarah was able to bring her vision to life by superimposing the new layout and design onto the floor, so that the couple could really see how the changes would work for them.

Part of the process was deciding on which window dressings to use. With the options put in front of them, we could see that Sonia was set on having shutters the moment she saw them and coupled with the fact that we had already installed and been recommended by a friend, meant that we were picked for the job!

One of our founders, Ashley talked the couple through all the options and worked with them to come up with the ultimate design and solutions for both the living room and bathroom areas. We had a tight deadline to meet which meant that our team went into overdrive to have the shutters designed, manufactured and installed for the show.

Sarah Beeny and the couple knew that our shutters would blend seamlessly with the new interior design and elements of the property, so we set to work adding them to the living room and bathroom, working around other skilled tradespeople in the property. One of our fitting technicians, Luke was in the home installing these shutters throughout the day and working with the film crew.

We used our Fiji hardwood shutter range for the living room, with thick 89mm louvres and a hidden tilt rod system and hidden splits for a more minimalistic modern approach which was also carried over into the bathroom area. Using the same style the bathroom shutters are made from our Java waterproof range, meaning that the shutters can come into contact with water and moisture, the best range for this area next to the bath and shower.

We think the renovation of the property turned out perfectly for the couple and were so glad that we could be part of their journey. Our shutters not only transformed the look of the rooms but work perfectly with the new décor and can be enjoyed and used for many years to come!

If you would like to see the episode that we were on. The episode was originally shown through HGTV on Sky, Virgin and Freeview and new episodes are still currently being aired.

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