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Maximising Your Interior Design With Plantation Shutters

Tips on improving and organising your living room for the New Year!

The living room is one of the most important areas of the home, for you, your family and visitors. Why not make your new year’s resolution to improve and spruce up your living room, ready for 2019 and the year ahead! Now may be the perfect time to rearrange items, clear the clutter from the Christmas partying and generally making the look and layout work better for your household.

We have put together a few ideas which should help make your room more comfy, pleasant and inviting, which you can combine with your own ideas and design flare. Many of the things you can do in and around the house doesn’t cost a penny and just the smallest of changes can make a great improvement to your daily life and living space.

Rearrange the sofas and seating

Maybe it is time for a bit of a change? Moving around the sofas and seating is an instant way to give the room a different feel and also make it more useable. Thought of a better position for the TV? Want a better area for your kids to play? Maybe an area for resting or reading a book… Positioning where you and your family sit can make your time more productive and enjoyable while creating change.

Creating new focal points

Have you recently bought some new furnishings or items for the home? Whether it’s adding new lighting, pieces of furniture, changing the fireplace, adding gadgets or just adding decorative items around the living room or mantelpiece, focal points can change how people interact with the room.

How about some new shutters to create the ultimate focal point in your room? Practical and attractive our shutters could be part of your living room improvement and drastically change the look and feel of your room from inside and outside of the home!

Lighting in the room

Our shutters can transform the natural lighting in and around your room, but you will also need to look at your light fittings and bulbs. Maybe the January sales could be a great time to purchase some new lights for the room, the style you have always desired, helping to change not only the light levels but the feel of the rooms design. Even just simply changing the bulbs and using different types or light temperatures can give the room a new lease of life. From soft and warm whites through to bright and cool whites, a bulb is more than just what fitment you need!

A lick of paint

One of the easiest ways to change the whole feel of the room is to go and buy or have mixed some new paint. From off the shelf colours or custom mixes, fresh paint can really help to improve the room. Not only is a new colour going to change the feel of the room and create a new look for 2019, it can also rid the walls of any marks or damage that has been picked up over the last year or two and also may be the perfect time to jazz up faded walls.

Getting the correct balance and feel

Work out how you want your room to look and the design you are trying to achieve in 2019 and go for it! Balance the room with items and looks that work, don’t over clutter with bits and bobs that will confuse and create a mismatched feel. By all means have your favourite items in the room, but make sure that the main focal areas are in keeping with the look you are trying to create. By throwing down a new rug, changing the cushions and adding some new wallpaper you are half way to transforming to your new look.

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