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The Perfect Look in your Bedroom with Bespoke Shutters

Our bespoke made plantation shutters are a perfect option for any bedroom, with styles created to suit both adults and children’s bedrooms. One of the main functions of shutters is the ease of allowing different amounts of light into the room, as well as completely stopping any light entering for both sleep and privacy. Because of the way traditional window coverings like curtains are fitted with a gap, you can never completely cut out the light. Shutters are able to completely fold back allowing natural light to flood into a room, completely closed for room darkening with total adjustment in-between. Many homeowners overlook the possibility of shutters in their bedrooms, but we think this room can be one of the most important rooms for our bespoke shutters! We can customise your bedroom shutters in a whole host of styles and colours in a selection of different hardwoods perfect for all tastes and decors. For children’s rooms there are many custom colourful possibilities, with stylish and tasteful wood finishes and varnishes for those requiring a more elegant solution. Our shutters are also perfect for children’s rooms and nursery areas with no tangling or dangerous cords. Whatever style of bedroom you have, or are designing, we can work with you to create the perfect shutter finish to suit your style and needs. There are so many different possibilities when your bespoke shutters are being created, which makes them perfect for such personal areas of the home.

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