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Track Mounted Shutters

For wide openings and areas that require access to doors and patio areas you will require your shutters to be track mounted so that they can fold all the way to the side. This fitting uses shutters that are hung from an aluminium track instead of being hinged at each side. Not only does this allow them to open in the correct way, but gives proper support to the weight of the many shutters along the opening. The track is typically mounted along the top of your window or door recess. The shutters have small wheels attached which run along the inside of the track allowing the shutters to move smoothly sideways when required. The shutters can fold to the left or right sides or if required can be made to split centrally and fold to each side. Due to these shutters hanging from a top track it is not possible to select these shutters in a tier-on-tier design. When this style of shutters are folded back you will notice that the shutters neatly fold in on themselves at a 90 degree angle, leaving you with plenty of space to access the area and to fully allow light and airflow into the room. This is perfect for those openings that often need to be fully accessible, but closed off for privacy when desired.

Many of our clients who have patio door openings and very wide windows request this style of shutters and we have also fitted track mounted shutters as room dividers and between squared archways and openings leading to different rooms. When having these shutters fitted it is crucial that the installer fits them with precision accuracy to ensure they run smoothly.

We offer track mounted shutters in 2 main styles called By-Pass and Bi-Fold. If you would like more information on the best solution for your home please do not hesitate to contact us for friendly advice and a free quotation if required!

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