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Can you get waterproof shutters for a shower window?

With all the heat, humidity, and moisture in the air coupled with the need for privacy and ventilation, it is hard to know what dressing to put on the shower or bathroom window, isn’t it? In this scenario, wooden window shutters are often overlooked by homeowners for fear the wood will expand and contract with the everchanging temperatures. In this article, we explore why waterproof window shutters are not only an option but are the perfect solution for the windows within your bathroom or shower. They are even suitable for windows within the shower unit itself.

What does a shower or bathroom window dressing need to deliver?

With privacy, ventilation, humidity, moisture, and style all at play, windows in shower rooms and bathrooms can prove tricky to dress with off-the-shelf solutions. Aside from looking the part and complementing your interior design theme, your shower or bathroom window dressing should offer:

  • Privacy.
    Obscuring the view into your bathroom is key. Nobody wants to be seen when enjoying a shower or soaking in the tub.
  • Protection from water, heat, and humidity.
    A waterproof material is vital for coping with all the steam and constant moisture.
  • Ease of use.
    When you are trying to relax, the last thing you want to contend with is issues with opening and closing the window dressing.
  • Light.
    Even though you need privacy, you will not necessarily want a dark shower room. If you have a contemporary, airy, bright bathroom design in mind, you will need plenty of natural light flooding in to open the space up (especially if your bathroom is on the small side).
  • Style.
    Bathrooms may meet a practical need, but this does not mean they cannot feel luxurious and trendy. Your window dressing should never compromise style in favour of substance!

Consider design trends

Despite everyday use, bathrooms and shower rooms tend to get pushed further down a homeowner’s renovation priority list. Cost and inconvenience are the biggest culprits for this, but for many it is simply a case of not knowing what to do or where to start. When budget is limited, adding a key design trend, or making a few cosmetic changes to your bathroom or shower room can make an enormous difference to the look and feel of the space

In recent years, we have seen industrial-style bathrooms become popular for their ‘easy to achieve’ appeal – exposed brick, a few brass accents, and some rustic bathroom accessories can all be done without major upheaval. We have also witnessed bold wallpaper, heaps of marble, plant love, monochrome designs, as well as schemes using contrasting colours all making their way up the ranks. However, one thing which remains consistent in bathroom design is the demand for simplicity, clean lines, and warmth to achieve a calm, minimalist vibe. Choosing the right window dressing will go a long way in helping you achieve the look you are after.

As well as practicality, waterproof window shutters can deliver on style. Adding them to your bathroom or shower will totally rejuvenate the space to deliver your design vision. Their design versatility means swapping your modern, minimalist bathroom for a more traditional one later down the line (or vice versa) won’t be a problem – your shutters will fit right in.

Can I fit shutters to a shower window?

Yes, shutters are an extremely popular choice for shower windows (whether outside your shower, or inside the shower), windows above a bathtub, or wet rooms. As our shutters are bespoke, they can be crafted to fit any window size or shape, whether it is arched, round, or irregular. Plus, they are easy to install, operate, and care for.

Why are waterproof shutters the perfect choice for shower windows?

Our dedicated range of shutters are 100% water resistant.

This means they are suitable for use in bathrooms, wetrooms, swimming pool areas, or showers. In fact, they are suited to any room where the shutter may encounter water or where there is a high moisture content.

They are unaffected by heat.

This range of shutters will not expand and contract with changes in the surrounding temperature.

Waterproof shutters can be manufactured to any size or shaped windows.

Some bathrooms and shower rooms can be quite small and irregular shaped. Loft ensuites for example, can be tricky due to their sloping roofs and small footprints which need to house necessary sanitary ware. Shutters will not only free up needed space but they will also fit an awkward shaped window, including sloping ones!

Safe and easy to operate.

Whether you are in the shower yourself or are giving the children a wash before bed, bath time will be a breeze without any hazardous cords to contend with. Plus, you will be able to easily open and close the shutters without worrying about using wet hands to do so.

Privacy without compromising on light.

All our shutter ranges offer the best in light and privacy control. Twisting the tilt rod moves the slats up and down, altering the angle at which light enters. Alternatively, if you opt for a hidden tilt bar, you can easily adjust the louvres by hand.

Timeless style, suited to any design trend.

With 22 colours to choose from, our waterproof range will suit any interior style.

What styles of shutters are available for a shower window?

All shutter styles (except solid shutters) can be made in our waterproof range called Java.

What shutter material is best for a shower window?

Our Java range of shutters boast a hardwood core but are finished with a hard-wearing ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic covering. It is this covering which makes our Java shutters completely waterproof, preventing damage and warpage over time.

Due to the high-quality finish of our Java shutters, it is virtually impossible to tell, unless closely inspected, that the shutters are plastic coated. Java shutters can be created in the same style as any other hardwood shutters you may have in your house (except solid style shutters) to achieve uniformity. Plus, we install waterproof shutters with stainless steel hinges as standard to make sure the whole window dressing is fully water resistant.

To cope with those bath time splashes, long, steamy soaks in the tub, or that hot morning shower, you will want a window treatment that can manage moisture. Our team is ready and waiting to make shutters part of your home no matter where you are based in Greater London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex. Contact us today for a free quote or to ask any questions you have.

All shutters come with a 5-year warranty as standard.

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