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Improving your home and lifestyle is made easy by choosing shutters in Rochester. These window treatments are extremely versatile and can easily be tailored to meet your exact needs. With our made-to-measure approach, this is exactly what we are able to achieve, working closely with you to produce shutters that exceed all your expectations. We’ll make sure that your bespoke shutters complement your Rochester property and its existing décor, ensuring that they fit seamlessly in place. You can rely on us to provide the exceptional results your property deserves, having worked in the industry since 2006 and made a difference to countless homes. Plus, you can count on us to provide high-quality shutters that will last, with a 5-year warranty on all our internal shutter installations. Arrange a free, no-obligation consultation by calling 020 8776 1484.

Plantation shutters in Rochester

Adding plantation shutters to your Rochester property is a great way to improve its style and enhance its kerb appeal. However, they are so much more than just a decorative feature. Shutters offer a wide range of practical benefits that make them an excellent investment for any property.

  • Timeless
    Shutters have been popular for centuries and their timeless style is sure to remain attractive and highly desirable. You can be confident that your bespoke shutters will look great for years to come.
  • Energy efficient
    Shutters have been popular for centuries and their timeless style is sure to remain attractive and highly desirable. You can be confident that your bespoke shutters will look great for years to come.
  • Bespoke measurements
    Each set of our shutters is designed to perfectly fit its surroundings. This means they can cater to any dimensions, no matter how unusual they may be. There’s no need to choose an off-the-shelf option.
  • Kind to allergies
    The materials used to create your shutters and the spacing between louvres makes it easy to clean them. Wiping them over will remove dust and allergens to keep them in top condition.
  • Keep the outside, outside
    Shutters let you create the ideal atmosphere within your property, controlling light and ventilation to ensure that everything is exactly the way you want it to be. You can relax without any interference from outside.
  • Privacy at home
    You can use your shutters to ensure that you have the privacy you need, preventing others from being able to see into your property. Plus, you can still enjoy plenty of natural light by angling your louvres effectively.

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Shutters for every room in your Rochester property

Shutters can be tailored to suit any requirement. This means that they can make a great addition to any room in your property. Our team will be happy to talk you through your different options, helping you to make an informed decision on the right choice for your Rochester home.


Living room shutters

Living room shutters add style and personality to your home. As a room that receives a lot of use, shutters are the ideal practical addition and will let you adjust the atmosphere to suit your needs and impress visitors.


Bedroom shutters

Bedroom shutters can make a drastic difference to the quality of your sleep, shutting out external noise and light. This lets you create the ideal conditions for sleep. They also let you have the privacy you need to relax.


Bathroom shutters

Bathroom shutters are a durable and practical addition to your home, creating privacy and encouraging ventilation in your bathroom. Waterproof shutters can withstand the difficult conditions without warping or being damaged.


Kitchen shutters

Kitchen shutters can help to make cooking more enjoyable, encouraging air flow and natural light so that the room remains comfortable. As they can be cleaned easily, they’re also a great choice for maintaining kitchen hygiene.


Dining room shutters

Dining room shutters can be used to create a versatile entertaining space for your guests. You can adjust the louvres to create the perfect mood for the occasion and they can be designed to complement your existing décor.


Conservatory shutters

Conservatory shutters are a great way to make your conservatory more functional throughout the year, adding insulation to help maintain a comfortable temperature. You can expect other benefits too, including shade and privacy!

Installing window shutters in Rochester

Since 2006 we’ve installed shutters within a wide range of homes, covering Rochester and beyond. We’ve made a lasting difference to our customers’ homes, producing shutters that are tailored to all their needs. You can expect a seamless experience when you work with us, as our approach puts your needs first. We’ll make sure that we fully understand your requirements after the consultation and will create a design that accounts for all of them. This ensures that you’ll receive the results you need. Quality is another focus of ours, as we want all our customers to enjoy durable shutters for years to come. This is reflected in the 5-year warranty we supply with all our internal shutter installations, giving you extra peace of mind.

Browse our shutter styles in Rochester

You can take your pick from the different shutter styles we offer our customers in Rochester. These options can be used to complement modern and traditional properties, ensuring that there is a suitable choice for any home.

Full height shutters

Full height shutters are the style that many people think of when plantation shutters are mentioned, covering the entire window or door with louvres for a uniform appearance. They can also be designed with an optional mid rail.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters open up a wide range of options as there are two shutter panels that you can use independently. This gives you precise control and ensures that your shutters are set perfectly for your needs.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters add plenty of character to properties, as their unique construction makes them eye-catching. They add lots of privacy and can block noise with ease. Plus, you can use them as room dividers or wardrobe door covers.

Café shutters

Café style shutters secure your privacy by covering the lower half of your windows and preventing others from being able to see in. The uncovered section of the window lets natural light in to brighten the room.

Special shape shutters

Special shape shutters can be crafted to accompany any window, providing the perfect, made-to-measure fit. They allow any homeowner to enjoy having plantation shutters, avoiding the need to settle for an imperfect option.

Track system shutters

Track system shutters are easy to open and close along a purpose-built track. This makes it convenient to live with a long run of shutters, as they can slide or fold out of the way when they aren’t in use.

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Choose the material for your
Rochester shutters

All our shutters are made from high-quality materials, but it can still be difficult to decide which option is best for you. Our team is here to help you find the perfect shutters for your home.


These shutters are made from Paulownia hardwood, making them lightweight and robust. You will also have 30 different finish options to choose from.


Made with PVC and an aluminium core, these shutters resist moisture and scratches, making them the ideal choice wherever durability is key.

Reviews from our shutter customers in Rochester

We want to make things as easy for you as possible, which is why we are happy to share the reviews we’ve received from previous customers. Read about their experiences with us to see what we’re like to work with and decide why we’re the right choice to create your shutters in Rochester.

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