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Shutters in Wilmington, Kent

We are a specialist shutter company offering bespoke shutters in Wilmington, Kent. Every pair of shutters is completely unique – we’re here to help you enhance your property.

We’re passionate about transforming homes and businesses with our extensive range of beautifully crafted shutters.
Learn more about our tailor-made approach and commitment to quality. The team at ShuttersUp would love to chat to you – our job is to find you the perfect shutters.

    A local shutter company you can trust

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    We don’t just make shutters for people, we make shutters for windows. Your new shutters will be custom made from quality timber by a team of experts, who will ensure they’re the perfect size and design for your windows. Nobody else in Wilmington, or even in the wider UK, will have shutters quite like yours.

    We’ve been in business since 2006, earning a leading reputation for our beautiful shutters. We use our knowledge to help each and every customer – whether you own a busines in Wilmington or you’re one of the 7,178 people living in this area of Kent, we can assist you.

    Wilmington is a pleasant part of Kent to work in and we always enjoy projects in this area. We like to explore our customers’ different properties too, designing and manufacturing shutters that are perfect for each individual one. From the houses on Common Lane DA2, to the flats on Oakfield Lane, to the modern homes on Taylor Row, we can make shutters for any property. Wherever you live or work in Wilmington, we’ve got you covered.


    Get in touch to arrange your quote We’ll be happy to pay you a visit so we can offer tailored, personal advice about all your shutter options. 02087761484