Track System Shutters


We offer two types of Shutter Track Systems which are By-Pass and Bi-Fold. These both use a tracked system, much in the same way sliding patio doors operate. Using a small trolley wheel system the panels are able to glide open and shut with ease. These shutters allow for fitment of tracks on both the top and bottom if required when installing. Track Systems are fantastic as room dividers or any other part of the property where a long run of shutters is needed.

More about Track System Shutters…

tracksystemshutters1We have two main types of track system shutters which we can install depending on your requirements. These are called By-Pass and Bi-Fold Shutters which work in slightly different ways.

By-Pass Shutters are the perfect solution for dividing rooms and separating living spaces. They work by allowing the individual shutter panels to slide from left to right by going in front and behind each other. Some customers require this for areas such as walk in wardrobes.

The Bi-Fold system work great with patio doors and can also be fitted to large windows as this style allows for the shutters to slide and fold open. The panels are fixed together using hinges and look fantastic when closed or fully opened to allow access to areas such as outdoor patios. You can also have this in a free floating style which gives the exact same look, but there are no restrictions with the shutters folding along the track.

tracksystemshutters2Our track system shutters look great as a room divider and are a great way of blocking as well as retaining light and sound in certain rooms such as cinema rooms, as well as making a great divide between areas such as kitchens and living rooms.

Many clients also wish to have their track system shutters installed in front of sliding doors and access to the garden as a way of keeping privacy and creating a great looking covering for the doors.

View Track System Shutters in our Gallery…

visitgalleryVisit our Gallery section to see real examples of our Track System shutters fitted to our customers properties and get a better idea of what we can offer.

There are many examples of Track System shutters on our Gallery which have been created for different rooms of the home and finished based on the specifications of our clients.