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Choosing the right type of window shutters

How to find the right window shutters As enduringly popular as ever, window shutters are both practical and beautiful, and represent a very worthwhile investment indeed. They help to bring light into a home, and regulate it, and they offer the opportunity to control privacy in a way that most blinds and curtains cannot. Window shutters are child-friendly, so they make a great addition to a family home. They are also great for allergy sufferers as they are simple to wipe clean. Since 2006, among the people who love window shutters Kent and South London homeowners in particular have embraced the versatility, style and cost-cutting benefits of installing shutters in their homes and offices.

Plantation or solid? Solid shutters are the most traditional type and commonly seen on country cottages, both in the UK and abroad. Charming, a little quaint and simple to operate, they can be folded back during the day and closed when night falls. Some varieties have a solid panel on the lower section and movable slats or louvres on the top. These work well on French doors, and can create a really continental ambience in a room. The most popular shutter style is the plantation shutter, which has louvres that can be rotated to open and close them. This allows light levels in a room to be controlled and they are suitable for most areas in a home. Tier on tier shutters actually consist of two independent sets joined together. Each set can be opened individually, giving greater flexibility and light control. Tier on tier shutters are perfect for larger windows, including bay windows.

Design and materials The window frame is the best guide to the type of shutters that will suit a room and the simplest possible solution is often the right one. Complementing the existing colour scheme in a room can guide the choice of material as well as the preferred colour. Window shutters Bromley manufacturers ShuttersUp produce come in an impressive range of materials including Coralwood, Craftwood, Permawood, Basswood, Western Red Cedar and Larchwood. Some are waterproof and ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, some come in a range of colours and some only in varieties of white. Paints and stains can be chosen in advance and warranties are offered on all joinery.

Track systems Particularly large windows or doors can benefit from a track operated system for shutters, which offers additional support. If patio doors need to open, for example, the shutters will simply slide to one or both sides for ease of access. The full height shutters will provide good insulation and are a great solution for dressing a potentially difficult opening. Track systems are also ideal when using shutters to create a room divider. As ShuttersUp items are bespoke, unique shaped windows or doors do not present a problem. Curves, circles and awkward angles can all be catered for with ease and there are a range of attractive finishes that help make shutters that bit more special, including tilt rods, silent tilt rods and remote controlled shutters.

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