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We were on the Pimlico Plumbers Unblocking Success Podcast!

Our directors Ashley and Ross were back at Pimlico Plumbers HQ to record an episode of “Unblocking Success”, a podcast which invites selected business owners and entrepreneurs in to chat and share ideas about running a successful business!

In this episode we sat down with Ashley Mullins and discussed when and why we started the business, what drives us, our core beliefs and the daily running and growth of a family business. We have a great respect for Pimlico Plumbers and believe we share many similarities between us. Having the chance to sit down and tell them our story has been a great experience and hopefully gives you a better understanding of ShuttersUp.

For anyone listening to the podcast who may be thinking about starting their own business, we hope you are able to take away some tips and inspiration from our own experience of building our company. For those looking to buy new shutters, we hope that you gain a valuable insight into how the business is run, our high level of customer satisfaction and what to expect from our team!

We would like to thank Ashley Mullins and the team again for having us in to record this podcast, a great experience for both of us and we look forward to seeing and working with you again in the very near future!

Listen to the Podcast below!


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