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Posted on 18 September 2019

Different Interiors and Properties we see on a daily basis

Every job is different for us and we come across a wide range of interiors and looks of properties on a daily basis. It makes installing shutters really interesting as we get to see different client’s visions, tastes and styles as we add the finishing touches to their home! You can see regular updates of the properties we work with over on our Installations page and we also recently did a blog post about some of the more unusual properties we have worked on!

Many of the homes we work with on a daily basis are in the Kent and London areas, but we also work throughout most of the South of England wherever possible and have even travelled abroad to help customers! Below we will talk about some of our customer’s lovely homes and interiors that we have seen recently and how our plantation shutters have helped transform or add the final touches to their looks.

Crafting our shutters to work with the clients home


Sometimes we come across stunning, luxurious interiors which we have the pleasure of installing our shutters throughout. This client was based in our local area and we just loved everything about the way the home had been designed. There is so much detail throughout this section of the home alone to take in and our shutters helped add the perfect look to the windows throughout!

orpington property shutters main

We are often asked to design shutters for entertainment rooms in homes. We were tasked with not only creating great looking shutters to a narrow window opening, but that they functioned in a way which worked well for improving lighting and blackout in the room throughout day and night. These shutters did the job perfectly and work with the room seamlessly!

full height antigua shutters redhill surrey 1

Working with bi fold patio doors is something that has often been requested at this time of the year. Below is a perfect example of a recent installation where we worked with the existing bi fold doors to create the perfect dressing for the summer weather. Like the doors, these track system shutters can be neatly folded out the way, or pulled across acting as a barrier for regulation of lighting and airflow into the room. It gives the perfect temporary barrier when the doors are open and also look fantastic open, closed or adjusted in-between!

bi folding track shutters chertsey surrey 1

bi folding track shutters chertsey surrey 2

It is not just patio doors that can have the track system shutter treatment, here we have an amazing example of shutters as a room divider. You can see how well they close off the separate rooms, but when open neatly fold out the way to open up the space of both rooms of this gorgeous home!

track system shutters chislehurst bromley kent closed

track system shutters chislehurst bromley kent open

These tier on tier shutters are a great example of how our shutters work with not only a traditional bay window setting, but set against a contrasting colour to the shutters. We think the shutters really pop against the blue colour of the room, with the shutters designed in a way where they have modern touches, but still work with the retro/classic style of interior that they are placed. Below you can see the shutters open at the top, but fully closed at the bottom to give you an idea of how they can be used!

bi folding tier on tier shutters hammersmith london

This modern bathroom makeover was just screaming out for some of our shutters to complete the look! We love the tiles and thought the blue lighting was a fun touch. The shutters are finished with a pure white paint which matches the other white accents of the bathroom such as the toilet, sink and ceiling. You will notice the shutters have a mid rail near the top, adding an extra area of adjustment for allowing light in right at the top but still maintaining full privacy when using the room or shower.

java shutters for bathroom dorking surrey 1

While on the topic of bathrooms and tiles here is another nice example we carried out recently, this time with a fare more traditional look with the visible tilt rods and designed in a cafe style finish. A great mixture of modern and tradition to match the feel of the renovated bathroom but also with a nod to the period style of property itself.

cafe style shutters bathroom biggin hill kent 1

Something we are great as is working with all shapes and sizes of windows. The room below had to have bespoke shutters created to work with the design and lines of the window while functioning just as the customer needed. You can see how the special shaped shutters cleverly fold in to the middle to reveal the windows behind and the view over the river!

special shape shutters twickenham 1

special shape shutters twickenham 2

We loved the look of this converted barn. The shapes of the window and door areas, combined with the paintwork and natural wood and stone made for a lovely property to install out shutters in. You can see that we had to design the shutters with curved tops. Finished in white they match the windows and doors behind, with a perfect match to the skirting boards also. The bright white pops against the paintwork of the room.

converted barn shutters dartford kent 1

Another job similar to the one above but with a more modern twist. The brick fireplace looked perfect against the modern makeover and the shutters we made helped bring the whole design together.

barn conversion shutters oxshott surrey living room

We thought this room was a nice interior to work on. A great example of matching shutters to different windows, with one standard window and a bay next to each other. The cafe style shutters run up to the window lines and look like they should have always been there. Something we take pride in is not just creating new shutters, but creating them in a way that they just look right in the spot they are placed, rather than an afterthought.

fijicafe style shutters bromley kent

This room had the full shutter treatment, with windows and door areas fully covered with our plantation shutters. It is a nice example of a good looking room with shutters over different areas that all work together. The room also had the dark blue feature wall with white shutters and then white shutters sat on the other wall against a more neutral finish of paint. The customer loved how all shutters worked with the interior.

fiji shutters beckenham main shot

A lovely interior we designed shutters for. From the flooring, the paint work, lighting and sofas we were so happy to help design shutters for the windows and doors to help complete the full look. The homeowners can now enjoy dining, or even playing pool with their new shutters, fully adjustable for all situations!

shutters greenhithe dartford 2

We hope you enjoyed looking through some of the interiors we have recently had the pleasure of installing shutters within. Hopefully it has given you some inspiration for the type of styling and look that you want for your own rooms. There is no limitation to the style and finish of shutters we can provide, so why not talk to one of our friendly team and see what we can offer? Contact us today!

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