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Fitting By-Pass or Bi-Fold Track Shutters

Track System Shutters fitted to home in Caterham, Surrey

There are currently two styles of track system shutters that we offer, By-Pass and Bi-Fold. Both of these make use of a tracked shutter system in the same way that sliding patio doors operate. Each panel is able to glide open and shut with a small trolley wheel system. We can fit both top and bottom tracks if the shutter installation requires. Track Shutters work perfectly with room dividers or any other application where a long run of shutters is required. Because of this system we are able to supply shutters for any length of windows.

By-Pass Shutters

If you are looking to use plantation shutters as a room divider, to separate living spaces or for areas such as walk in wardrobes, the By-Pass track system is a perfect solution. They allow for shutter panels to slide from left to right, in front and behind each other for access through.

Bi-Fold Shutters

The Bi-Fold track system shutters are great for closet doors and patio doors, though we also fit them to larger windows as they allow for the shutters to slide and fold open. They utilise hinges to fix the many panels together and look fantastic when opened and closed to allow access to areas such as patio doors or windows. We also offer this option in free floating style, which provides the same great effect but you have no restrictions as to where your shutters fold along the track.

Recently Fitted Bi-Folding Track System

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