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Do interior shutters add value to your home?

The simple answer is yes! Interior shutters are a shrewd investment. If you are thinking of selling your home or you’re thinking smart and future proofing your property for sale further down the line, plantation shutters are not only a practical, insulating choice for your window dressing but they will add value to your home too. We take a look at the reasons why.

Plantation shutters complement any interior décor

Interior shutters will instantly update your homes appearance both on the inside, and from the outside looking in. Shutters will give your home a customised, aesthetically appealing, contemporary look which will complement almost any interior décor. As a long-lasting solution, plantation shutters will save homeowners money (and inconvenience) of having to dress the windows themselves. All traits that potential buyers generally welcome.

Practically perfect in every way

When it comes to modern living, multi-tasking seems to have become the norm in every element of our lives, window dressings are no exception!  Shutters not only help to regulate light and privacy simultaneously through the plentiful shutter style choices and louvre size available. They are also super easy to maintain, reducing dust, allergies and laborious cleaning time. Low maintenance living is always favourable among homeowners and homebuyers. Blinds can become fragile over time, and curtains may discolour, fray or tear. Curtains can also be heavy and tricky to take down and are often expensive to get dry cleaned. Our range of materials ensure that your shutters are protected from water, sun damage and colour fading to ensure many years of use hence why we boast such great warranties.

Shutters will remain with the property even if you leave

All our window shutters are custom-made, which means they will remain with the home even if it is sold. Unlike off-the-shelf dressings, plantation shutters are made and fitted with great precision. They can be tailored to fit almost any window space, whether a large bay window, small porthole, sharp angles or arches and other circular designs. Once installed, they are going nowhere!  In fact, the majority of our customers tell us that choosing a neutral colour like pure white or silk white for their shutters is because they want to ensure the window dressing remain timeless, blend into any chose décor and aid the sale of the house if they were ever to consider moving. Interior shutters are a quality investment and therefore, you want to avoid changing them if you (or a new owner) opt for an opposing design scheme in the future.

Lower energy bills

Interior shutters offer an extra barrier between the interior of the room and the glass trapping the warm air in the room when needed in the winter and keeps the sun out in the summer when you are trying to cool the room temperature down. Some customers tell us that they have noticed a difference in their energy bills since having shutters installed. What you spend initially on shutters, you will save in energy use in the long run.

If you are looking to modernise your property, whether you are selling or not, our shutters will provide you with give you the interior and kerb appeal you’re after now and in the years to come.

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