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Shutter insulation throughout the winter

With Christmas just around the corner and the cold weather already creeping in to many households, families with wooden plantation shutters are already benefiting from the extra warmth they provide. Shutters are one option for further insulation and heating of the home, without drastically increasing your energy bills. Many people looking to buy bespoke shutters are fully aware of the style and lighting side of the product, but many overlook or simply are unaware of their unique insulation properties. Having shutters fitted to your windows allows for an extra barrier between the room and windows. Compared to other window dressings such as curtains and cheap blinds, bespoke shutters allow for a perfectly measured fit that leaves for very little gap for heat to escape. In the winter shutters work much on the same level as having roof and cavity insulation or fitting draught excluders. They are another barrier between areas where heat escapes and energy is wasted. Unlike these other methods, shutters are a fantastic solution for all year round, so come summer they can be partially and fully opened to allow for maximum airflow throughout the house, whilst still maintaining privacy. When taking into account these factors, shutters certainly become more of an investment, rather than an expense for style alone. Many homeowners will notice a reduction in the need for heating and this in turn helps bring down the costs of energy bills. If you would like more information about the advantages of shutters throughout the colder months, then please do get in contact with one of our team who will be happy to help.

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