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Fitting Shutters in Dulwich Village


One location we have recently fitted shutters for a client was in the historic Village of Dulwich, which is well known for its fantastic architecture including 18th and 19th century cottages. Dulwich Village is home to an art gallery, great open green spaces and has great links to the City and London areas. We are able to supply and fit shutters to some of the fantastic houses around Dulwich and enjoy working on some of the earlier made properties. With period and traditional property located in the area, you will find Georgian architecture mixed with Edwardian and Victorian homes and buildings, as well as an array of rose cottages. Dulwich village is still privately owned by The Dulwich Estate, a charity who have owned and managed the village throughout its history. College road has one of London’s last remaining tollgates which has been in operation since 1789, but now has been upgraded to allow automatic passage! Dulwich is one of the top places to live in the South East of London party due to the 72 acres of conservation areas, brilliant schools and exclusive village complete with small shops and white picket fences! Many of the residents of this area are opting for shutters not only for the way they look internally, but for the external transformation that adds the finishing touches to the already fantastic architecture and design of the homes in this region. We thoroughly enjoy working in this area and are very happy to give quotes and advice on the fitment of shutters to your Dulwich home.

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