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Shutters for any taste and budget

Shutters for any taste and budget

Shutters have become popular window covers nowadays. Shutter styles, materials, configuration and prices are varied which allows customers to find the model which suits their needs best of all. This article provides information on the most common shutter materials and styles.

Shutter prices may vary depending on materials used: they can be made from wood, plastic and metal. The most popular types of wood used in shutter production are basswood, poplar and cedar. Basswood is premium class hardwood supplied from the United States of America. Even though basswood is strong heavy wood, it is still soft enough for making window covers in different shapes which has made it the first choice for plantation shutters. Besides that, basswood has fine texture which allows obtaining a smooth finish when it is painted. Basswood is also appreciated for its durability and warping resistance properties which means that basswood window covers last longer. Basswood is often used for making window covers for bedrooms as it is also a good heat and sound insulator.

Poplar is also hardwood known for its durability and light weight. It is not prone to warping or denting. Poplar can be easily painted in any colour and cut to any shapes. Like basswood, poplar has a deep grain so poplar window covers have a beautiful finish. Poplar is also widely used for making plantation shutters. Red cedar is softwood with a grain featuring knots. It has a nice smell and an oiled finish which makes it a good alternative for customers who prefer a natural wood finish.

Vinyl window covers are a good solution for moist environments such as bathrooms as they possess moisture resistant properties. Modern P.V.C. window covers can look like real wood but cost less which makes them an ideal choice for price conscious customers. Some vinyl window covers are made with addition of aluminium for greater stability; yet it’s possible to order completely aluminium window covers which are very good for industrial environments.

Shutters can come in different styles: full height, tier-on-tier, café style, etc. Full height interior window covers cover the window from the top to the bottom providing complete privacy. It’s possible to choose systems which have mid rails – it allows operating both the lower and the higher sections separately choosing the required amount of light. Tier on tier window covers also cover the window from the bottom to the bottom but differ from full height ones by split panels which are inserted between sections which allows greater ventilation and light control. Café style window covers are the best choice for those who seek both maximum privacy and maximum light. They cover only the bottom section or two thirds of the window; these shutters are often installed in living rooms, kitchens and on bay windows. Customers can find more shutter styles online: bifold and bypass track systems for large windows, window covers for shaped windows and many more.

Customers may be overwhelmed with the choice of window covers. They are made from different materials and come in versatile styles which allows choosing the most suitable model for any taste and budget.

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