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Shutters for any use!

ShuttersUp shutters can be manufactured in to all different shapes and sizes, covering countless variations of installations and providing a solution for pretty much every window or door requirement you have. Our shutters can be fixed to French Doors, set on tracks to run across large window or door spans, used to partition rooms and even for cupboard doors. The style and the way they operate are totally up to you.

The most popular configuration for large spans is our By-Pass and Bi-Fold options. Both options are great for creating room partitions and utilise the track systems. The By-Pass option allows large shutter panels to slide past each other and for a more compact solution then the concertina effect of the Bi-Fold configuration may be more appealing.

ShuttersUp can supply solid shutters or louvered shutters in both these configurations or if you fancy a mixture of the two, why not choose a solid based panel with a louvered top half!

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