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Shutters for awkward shaped windows

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Many houses in the UK are built or designed with irregular shaped windows, which can often make these hard to find a suitable window dressing for. Some of the windows we have come across, often in older houses have been arched or are triangular in shape. Blinds can work ok on these kinds of windows but often still let in quite a lot of light and do not always sit true with the window and wall. Shutters on the other hand can be custom made to suit all types of windows and be fitted millimetre perfect to even the most difficult of window settings. One of the most common awkward shaped windows we find is with an arch. Arched windows can be very tricky to cover as there are no curtains or blinds that can keep to the same curve and definition at the top of the recess. This can easily be achieved though with bespoke wooden plantation shutters for both windows with a long shallow arch and windows with a high deep arch. We can supply and install custom made shutters to any type of window around the house, even if it does have an awkward shape. All our shutters are made to order and made to measure with us surveying the room and windows beforehand to make sure that the installation provides the perfect fit and look. We work with you to not only make sure that the shutters fit perfectly, but that they are well suited to not only your house, but your taste and requirements.

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