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Shutters for the Kitchen

When designing a new kitchen or giving your existing room a makeover, one of the many items that people tend to overlook are shutters. These look absolutely fantastic in the kitchen and it is also possible to have water resistant shutters fitted, so that they do not warp or become damaged when fitted near to areas such as the sink or cooking areas. Having shutters installed in your kitchen and dining areas is a very effective way of controlling light and airflow into this area. In sunnier months you may need a solution that keeps direct sunlight off of you and the food, but at the same time keep the room well ventilated, which make shutters a great solution. Wooden plantation shutters are often considered to be suited to the main spaces such as the living room and bedroom areas, so areas like the kitchen and bathrooms are often forgotten about, with standard blinds or in fact no window dressing at all. Like any other room of the house these can be bespoke created to any design and colour of your choice. We can help you pick the perfect bespoke shutters in any style and colour of your choice, to match the design and look of your kitchen. We work through your quote with you based on your specifications and the possibilities with the types of windows you have. There are many options available and even the most awkward shape of kitchen windows can have shutters fitted to them, whilst in keeping with your new kitchen design and plans.

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