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Many across the UK have been experiencing the hot weather over the last few weeks and are looking forward to more great weather when summer comes around! You may have noticed with the hot weather comes the trouble of keeping your rooms ventilated and shaded when the sunlight and heat become overpowering. With standard window dressings it is very hard to regulate how much sunlight and ventilation enters the room and can become quite an annoyance. The great thing about shutters is that they can be adjusted quickly and easily depending on the weather conditions, with even the slightest of adjustments making a real difference as to how comfortable you are. With many of our shutters you also have the advantage of a mid-section, which allows for you to maintain privacy, yet still allow light and ventilation in from the top section. With window dressings such as curtains and even blinds, it really is a case of settling with one or the other. On really bright days the shutter louvers are a great way of redirecting damaging UV rays away from important items in the house such as furniture and appliances.

We have all seen furniture damage from the sun and the horrible “yellowing” that starts to take effect on many white items within the house. UV rays can of course also be harmful to the human skin, so keeping well shaded even within the house is just as important as when you are outside. If you have a conservatory we can also create bespoke shutters to fit this area of the home. Great for adding a layer of protection to a part of the home that will get most of the sunlight and heat in the warmer months. Of course with all the shutters we fit they are not just the perfect solution for hotter months, but importantly throughout the year including winter. With insulation properties that will keep your home warm and help cut down on energy bills! If you would like more information on the advantages of our bespoke shutters then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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