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The beauty of tracked shutter systems

With the growth in popularity of window shutters, many people are now enjoying the elegance and style they bring to home décor. There is no other type of window dressing available that gives as much control over privacy and light, plus shutters are capable of shutting out noise and the extremes of the weather, ensuring the ambience inside remains quiet and comfortable in all circumstances. Tracked shutter systems are a versatile alternative to fixed shutters and some types can be installed even where there is a problem with space.

Tracked shutter systems: long runs When long runs of sliding doors are required, and space is not a problem, the Bi-Fold shutter system is a great option. Multiple shutters are hinged together, a little like a freestanding decorative screen, only with the capacity to be much longer. When the shutters are closed they have a flat, even surface. Once opened, the multiple folds will concertina and the whole shutter system can be stored to the right or left of the opening, unless a completely free floating version is preferred, in which case neither side of the Bi-Fold system will be fixed to the frame. Bi-Fold shutters are suitable for patio doors as well as partitions between rooms that enable homeowners to instantly create more space.

Tracked shutter systems: limited space When space is at a premium, it’s sensible to make the most of it by choosing sliding doors instead of those that open inwards or outwards. This saves the space that would normally be taken up by an opening door. Just as a sliding patio door glides along tracks when opened, By-Pass shutters function in the same way. The shutters glide smoothly past either in front of or behind each other and can be used, for example, for wardrobes. By-Pass shutters are also ideal for use as room dividers and depending on the style, and where they are to be installed, one or two tracks housing a small trolley wheel system (top and bottom) may be recommended.

Hinged shutter systems for patio doors Glass patio doors, often found in kitchens, dining rooms or conservatories, and sometimes called French windows, let in lots of light and heat when the weather is good but can sometimes prove a little draughty and dismal when it’s not. Made to measure shutters mounted on the patio doorframe can provide control for the heat and light, and block out the draughts when needed. The shutters are also an elegant addition to any room, whilst allowing ease of access when needed. Opening just like normal window shutters, when closed the shutters are secured using magnets and cut-outs for door handles can be provided. This means the patio doors, shutters and all, can be opened easily if required.

Elegance and style With a wide range of materials from which to choose, homeowners can be guided by their personal preferences and budget. Hardwood shutters are often chosen for bedroom wardrobes, while waterproof materials are usually recommended for shutters in bathroom or kitchen environments. Quality timber with an ABS coating to make it more durable is ideal for room dividers or a playroom.

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