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Bespoke Shutters in Barnes

The South London district of Barnes holds an iconic place in the history of music, having long been the site of Olympic Studios, where several acclaimed musicians recorded new material during this independent cinema’s stint as a recording studio in the late 20th century.

At Olympic, the Beatles conceived aspects of their ‘flower power’ anthem “All You Need Is Love” during 1969’s ‘Summer of Love’. Barnes is also where, in September 1977, the rockstar Marc Bolan died in a car crash — the site of which is now marked by a memorial.

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Multi Award Winning

Our shutters are celebrated for their outstanding quality and design, having garnered multiple awards. Trust in the distinction of ShuttersUp — where every shutter is a mark of excellence.

0% Finance For Up To 18 Months

Invest in your home’s beauty and comfort with our flexible finance options. Enhance your space with ShuttersUp’s bespoke shutters, made more accessible with 0% finance available for up to 18 months.

Reduce Heat Loss By Up To 64%

Make your home a sanctuary of efficiency with ShuttersUp shutters that can significantly cut heat loss. Improve your comfort and reduce your energy bills simultaneously.

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Beautiful shutters for your
Barnes property

Barnes is also famed for The Bull’s Head pub. The current building was originally assembled in the early Victorian era and, in 1959, became one of Britain’s first jazz venues.

To this day, Barnes remains an enchanting place for culture vultures. The Bull’s Head continues to host live music gigs in a cosy, intimate space with a capacity for 80 people, while the OSO Arts Centre stages numerous fringe theatre productions.

As you wander around Barnes, you can pick up on its many layers of history — as evidenced, for example, by the plentiful 18th– and 19th-century buildings near Barnes Pond. It’s yet another testament to how the area has evolved.

So, if you own a Barnes home (whether traditional or contemporary), don’t underestimate how much you would be able to improve it — such as by sourcing new shutters for its doors and windows. You can trust us by providing those shutters and installing them to a professional standard at your Barnes residence.

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Easy on the environment

Embrace a greener future with ShuttersUp in Barnes. Our bespoke shutters are not just about aesthetics; they are a testament to our commitment to the environment. Crafted with sustainable materials, our shutters help reduce the carbon footprint of your home. They are more than just a window treatment; they are an investment in energy efficiency. Expertly designed to provide superior insulation, our shutters contribute to an average reduction in heat loss by 64%, ensuring your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling. Choose our eco-friendly shutters and enjoy the dual benefits of a reduced environmental impact and savings on your energy bills.

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Recent work in Barnes

Special Shape Shutters

Shutters for Living Room of Property in Barnes

Potential customers often come for us looking for a bespoke solution for windows that may have an irregular shape or size. These windows are often very hard to find the correct window dressings for, curtains and blinds just don’t cut it and a bespoke shutter option can be the perfect solution!

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Café Style Shutters

Shutters for Home in Barnes

We recently fitted these Café Style Shutters to a bay window in a home in Barnes, London.

Common Questions

What are the benefits of ShuttersUp shutters for Barnes properties?

For a start, you can have free rein over the design of those shutters, as we make them to the customer’s bespoke specifications. You can obtain shutters that, once installed in your Barnes home, will come across as though they have been there since you first moved in.

Still, our shutters are about far more than just making a home look nicer. They can also bolster its insulation as well as leave the property more private and secure. By adjusting the shutters’ louvres, you can even subtly filter the amount of sunlight that gets through.

Why should I purchase shutters in Barnes?

One simple, excellent reason why: it’s very easy to do! It all starts with you just getting in touch with a shutter company and telling them exactly what you want from your new shutters. You can do all of this by phone or email.

When the company in question is ShuttersUp, you can call 020 3993 5291 or email [email protected]. A third option is to fill out and send us this contact form on our website. Whichever of these routes you do take, we can subsequently get back to you with a quote.

Will ShuttersUp install my shutters in Barnes?

Yes — and the cost of installation will be covered by the shutter quote we provide you with. Once you have finalised the shutters’ design with our team, we will arrange a time for us to visit your Barnes home and put up your new bespoke shutters there.

Typically, we would complete this installation job approximately 14-16 weeks after you place your order for the shutters. However, you can benefit from a significantly shortened lead time of roughly 6-7 weeks if you go with our express — rather than standard — delivery option (and pay an additional surcharge to do so).

What is the price of shutters in Barnes?

The exact price you pay for ShuttersUp shutters will depend on multiple factors, including:

  • The size of your windows/doors: Naturally, the larger these openings, the larger — and so pricier — the shutters for them will need to be.
  • The material you choose for the shutters: The options include water-resistant PVC plastic, corrosion-resistant aluminium and endearingly traditional-looking hardwood.
  • Any optional extras: The availability of these is a big plus point of opting for bespoke shutters.

Over the phone, we can provide price estimates when you give us the approximate dimensions of the openings for which the shutters are intended.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my shutters in Barnes?

We hope you are delighted with the shutters we provide and install for you. If you actually aren’t, keep in mind that we attach not only a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty but also a lifetime maintenance guarantee to each set of shutters we sell.

So, if the product incurs damage or you suspect that it was defective right from the start, please reconnect with us so that we can discuss the options open to you. We are determined to stamp out instances of customer dissatisfaction if or when they do arise.