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Shutters in Pimlico offer a unique level of style and sophistication that cannot be matched by other window dressings. We offer a wide range of shutter styles that are designed and made just for you. Our team takes care of everything from design to installation, ensuring that your new shutters are a perfect addition to your home.

Our team has years of experience in installing shutters throughout Pimlico and the surrounding areas. We know what works best, so you can be sure that your shutters will look great and be a lasting benefit to your home for years to come. We have fitted shutters on Cambridge Street near Churchill Gardens and on St. Georges Square by St Saviour’s Church. We’re committed to providing an unbeatable customer experience, from start to finish. So, call us today on 020 8776 1484 or email [email protected] and let us help you find the perfect shutter for your property.

Installing window shutters in Pimlico

Looking for a team of professionals to install window shutters in your Pimlico home? Look no further! We have over 10 years of experience installing shutters in homes of all types and sizes. Our team is passionate about providing an excellent experience from start to finish. Our shutters are designed and manufactured according to your exact requirements, ensuring they fit your home perfectly. With the experience that we possess, you can rest assured that installation will go smoothly, and you will have new shutters for your home as soon as possible.

Choose the material for your
shutters in Pimlico

All our shutters are made from high-quality materials, but it can still be difficult to decide which option is best for you. Our team is here to help you find the perfect shutters for your home.


These shutters are made from Paulownia hardwood, making them lightweight and robust. You will also have 30 different finish options to choose from.


Made with PVC and an aluminium core, these shutters resist moisture and scratches, making them the ideal choice wherever durability is key.

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Shutters are an adaptable and beneficial addition to your Pimlico home. If you’re interested in a set of made-to-measure plantation shutters, call 020 8776 1484 or email us at [email protected] to tell us your requirements.

Plantation shutters in Pimlico

Plantation shutters are a great way to improve your home in Pimlico because they provide several practical benefits. They are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an attractive, practical window dressing that will last for years. Shutters offer many advantages over other types of window dressings, such as:

  • Effective insulation
  • Shade protection from the sun
  • Privacy from onlookers
  • Ample natural light
  • Increased security
  • A lack of maintenance
  • Options for any interior

Browse our shutter styles in Pimlico

With our wide range of shutter styles, you’re sure to find the perfect option for your Pimlico property. Our shutters are made to measure, guaranteeing a perfect fit for any window, regardless of the style you opt for. Find out more about the options available to you:

Full height shutters

Full height shutters are a classic style that are well suited to any style of window or door. Our shutters are made from high-quality materials and offer complete coverage to block out light and offer complete privacy.

Tier on tier shutters

To get the best of both worlds, consider tier on tier shutters for your property. You can have an upper and lower tier that operate independently, giving you superior control over light and privacy.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters are the perfect solution for blocking out unwanted sound and light, which could make them the right choice for your bedroom. Our shutters are made of high-quality materials that will last for years.

Café shutters

These shutters cover only the portion of your window that you need for privacy, while leaving space to allow ample natural light into your home. Café shutters create a light and spacious feel, perfect for your living room.

Special shape shutters

Special shape shutters are the perfect solution for unusual spaces and windows. We can create shutters of all shapes or sizes to suit your needs.

Track system shutters

With our easy-to-use track system shutters, you’ll be able to open and close your shutters with ease. You will have plenty of flexibility in how you use your shutters and which spaces you use them for.

Reviews from our shutter customers in Pimlico

Take a look at our customer reviews. We’re proud of the work that we do, and we know that our customers in Pimlico love the results that they get from us. We have a long history of satisfied customers, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to provide the perfect shutter solution for your property.

Shutters for every room in your Pimlico property

Shutters are a popular window dressing and can be installed in any room of your home. Each type offers a variety of benefits which makes them suitable for each room of your property. Find out how they can make a difference to your property and your lifestyle.

Living room shutters

Shutters are a great way to improve your living room without making a complete transformation. Shutters let you control light, privacy, and airflow, so you can adapt your living room space to exactly how you want it.

Bedroom shutters

With our bedroom shutters, you can block out light and noise. They also provide superior insulation to other window dressings, making them ideal for you to get the best possible night’s sleep.

Bathroom shutters

Our bathroom shutters are made from water and moisture resistant materials so that they will continue looking their best. They allow you to let in fresh air so that moisture can escape your bathroom, while preserving your privacy.

Kitchen shutters

Installing kitchen shutters is an easy way to regulate the temperature of your kitchen and create the perfect conditions for cooking or spending family time. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

Dining room shutters

Dining room shutters are the perfect way to add another style element to this family space. Our shutters are made of high-quality materials and can be customised to fit any size window and complement your dining room.

Conservatory shutters

Conservatory shutters allow you to control light levels and keep out the cold or heat so that you can make the most of your conservatory in all seasons. They can also be used to create the privacy you require.

Discuss shutters in Pimlico with our team

If you’re interested in learning more about shutters in Pimlico and how they can transform your home, give us a call on 020 8776 1484. You can also fill out our online form or email [email protected].

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