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Considering shutters for your home in Gipsy Hill? Look no further than ShuttersUp. Our team has worked throughout Gipsy Hill and, as a result, are highly familiar with the area. No matter the style of your property, we’ll work closely with you to create a shutter solution that seamlessly fits your requirements. With a 5-year warranty for all our internal shutter installations, you can be confident in the quality of our workmanship. When it comes to creating high-quality shutters in Gipsy Hill and delivering an unbeatable customer experience, our team can’t be matched. Call 020 8776 1484 to start your journey towards the shutters you deserve.

Plantation shutters in Gipsy Hill

Plantation shutters are not only beautiful but also functional, providing many benefits to your lifestyle. They can be used throughout every season and add value and appeal to your property. With a wide range of styles and colours available, you are sure to find the perfect set of plantation shutters for your home. Our team is experienced in installing all types of window coverings, so you can rest assured that your new shutters will be installed correctly and look great for years to come.

  • Better insulation
    Enjoy the benefits of an added layer of insulation that will prevent unwanted heat entering in the summer and keep heat inside during the winter.
  • Plenty of shade from the sun
    Avoid the glare of the sun and keep your home cool to by investing in shutters which mean the inside of your property is in the shade when you want it to be.
  • Additional privacy
    Stop unwelcome onlookers from peering into your home, allowing you to rest with no reason to be concerned.
  • Lots of natural light
    Allow enough natural light to enter your property, improving your mood and helping you appreciate the space.
  • Improved security for your property
    Defend your property from potential intruders without making your home look any less attractive.
  • Low maintenance
    Our shutters can be cleaned with ease, and you can have confidence that they’re durable enough to withstand the test of time.
  • A wide range of options for any interior
    Receive shutters which suit the design of your home, allowing them to fit your home’s aesthetic effectively.

Contact ShuttersUp

Shutters are a great way to make your home more secure, reduce noise pollution and add privacy. Call 020 8776 1484 or email [email protected] today for a consultation with one our shutter specialists!

Choose the material for your shuttersin Gipsy Hill

All our shutters are made from high-quality materials, but it can still be difficult to decide which option is best for you. Our team is here to help you find the perfect shutters for your home.


These shutters are made from Paulownia hardwood, making them lightweight and robust. You will also have 30 different finish options to choose from.


Made with PVC and an aluminium core, these shutters resist moisture and scratches, making them the ideal choice wherever durability is key.

Browse our shutter styles in Gipsy Hill

Many people feel like they need to spend a fortune on home improvement to see results. Adding shutters is a great way to make a big impact on your home’s appearance without breaking the bank. Gipsy Hill residents can explore our wide range of shutter styles and find the perfect one for their property.

Full height shutters

Full height shutters are a good option. They’re easy to maintain and provide the privacy you need, all while looking sleek and stylish.

Tier on tier shutters

Tier on tier shutters offer the best of both worlds – unrivalled control over light and privacy at an affordable price. With our easy-to-use louvres, you can adjust them to create the perfect level of light in any room.

Solid shutters

Solid shutters are the perfect solution for anyone looking for extra privacy and security in their home. Our shutters are made from solid wooden panels and can be customised to fit any window size or shape.

Café shutters

Café style shutters are a good choice because they let in plenty of light while still providing privacy and security. This shutter style also adds to the aesthetic of both the interior and exterior of your home.

Special shape shutters

Our manufacturing process ensures that each shutter is made to the exact dimensions and angles of your property, so they’ll fit seamlessly within your home’s aesthetic. Regardless of how unusual your windows are, we will craft the perfect special shape shutters for you.

Track system shutters

Our track system shutters are an easy and affordable way to cover large windows or divide a room. These shutters open and close quickly and easily, without taking up loads of space.

Reviews from our shutter customers in Gipsy Hill

We understand you want to know you are choosing the right people to install shutters at your property, which is why we’ve collected reviews from our previous customers. Not only are they happy with the quality of our shutters, but they were also impressed with our customer service. We’re confident that you’ll also be happy with your decision to work with us.

Shutters for every room in yourGipsy Hill property

Shutters can be used in a variety of rooms in your property. Shutters provide a stylish and practical feature for any room in your home. They can be fitted in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or office to enhance the look and functionality of the space.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Living room shutters

Living room shutters are a great way to control the light and privacy in this area of your home. Shutters allow you to adjust the light levels by opening and closing the slats, and they provide privacy by blocking visibility from the outside.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Bedroom shutters

Bedroom shutters are the perfect solution for those who want to get more out of their slumber. With bedroom shutters, you can create the perfect dark and relaxing environment for sleep.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Bathroom shutters

Installing bathroom shutters is an easy way to improve your bathroom’s ventilation and provide added privacy. Shutters allow you to control the amount of light and air that comes in, so you can breathe easily knowing your bathroom is healthy and fresh.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Kitchen shutters

Our shutters are made from the highest quality materials so that they can take your kitchen to the next level. They’re also easy to keep clean – all you need is a simple wipe over with a damp cloth and they’ll be good as new.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Dining room shutters

Dining room shutters are the perfect way to make this family space more inviting and impressive. Shutters provide privacy and noise reduction when closed, while also allowing light in when open. They come in a variety of styles and finishes so you can find the perfect look for your home.

Shutters in Gipsy Hill

Conservatory shutters

Conservatory shutters are a great addition to your home. They add insulation which prevents the space from being too hot or cold, while also providing shade and privacy.

Installing window shutters in Gipsy Hill

Installing window shutters can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of shutters to choose from, it can be hard to find the right ones for your property. Not only that, but you need to make sure that they’re installed properly so that they look great and function well. Turn to us for all your shutter needs. We have over 10 years of experience installing shutters throughout Gipsy Hill. We take the time to understand our customers’ needs and create a shutter solution that is perfect for them. We also offer a 5-year warranty on all our internal shutters, so you can be confident in their quality and durability.

Arrange a consultation for shutters in Gipsy Hill

Here at ShuttersUp, we are always happy to discuss shutters with potential customers. Call us today on  020 8776 1484, email [email protected], or fill out our online form and we’ll respond as soon as we can!

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