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Shutters in Greenwich

Greenwich is an area very well known for GMT time and maritime heritage within the area. There are many homes in the area that are in the maritime theme, which we feel really suits our shutters and it is a pleasure working with home owners of Greenwich.

There are some prestige looking buildings in this area, but also a mixture of both old and modern, which makes every house we fit shutters to a different experience for our team of shutter experts. Because we are based around the London area, we can certainly help you with the design and installation process.

Bespoke shutters for home owners in Greenwich


We have a team of highly skilled shutter experts on hand to help you with any room of your Greenwich home. We can visit your home and give you detailed information and advice on the style and type of shutters that will best suit each individual room. There are many factors that go into the perfect shutters, but we can also take on board your taste and ideas when coming up with the perfect solution. It is also worth taking into account your existing or new décor when designing the shutters as this will be a major factor in the finished look of the room as a whole, once the shutters are fitted.

Our bespoke shutters are custom made to suit all rooms, including bathrooms and kitchens where we can use specifically made shutters for contact with water and moisture. The possibilities of styles and materials make the perfect finish achievable for all rooms in the home, this combined with custom colour and matching your room can be transformed. We also have great experience in fitting shutters to awkward shaped and unusual windows, which standard window fixtures just don’t do the job properly.

Window Shutters for Greenwich residents

When it comes to getting your new shutters fitted, we understand that it can be a daunting and a rather big investment for you and your family. This is why we aim to make the process as easy and as stress free as possible for you. We work with you and give you our professional advice to make sure that the shutters we produce and fit live up to your high expectations. Not only can shutters be seen from the inside, but they can also been seen by passers-by externally, which can really help add value to your overall house. Shutters are a great investment for years to come, with energy minimising properties such as insulation in the colder months and great airflow in the warmer seasons.

We make sure that all shutters installed are of the highest quality. Our shutters are well known as one of the top shutters in the UK and indeed the world, which makes them the perfect choice for any interior and home. Our precision mm perfect service means that your completed shutters will look and work fantastic now and in the future.


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