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Our shutters are the ultimate solution for all rooms of the home and can be created in a style and finish that suits your existing room décor and requirements. Using different materials and woods we are also able to create shutters that will stand the test of time no matter which room they are installed in. For example we have ranges of shutters that are created with waterproof properties, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Whether you are after shutters for the whole house, or for specific rooms we can come up with the perfect solution which not only look fantastic, but work and function in a way that suits you and your family. We can match the look and styling of your shutters throughout every room or create bespoke finishes which are unique to specific rooms. Using your existing décor and ideas we can colour match shutters to work perfectly with your homes look, from minimalistic finishes to shutters that really stand out as a main feature of the room.

We appreciate that all properties are different, which is why all our shutters are created bespoke to the exact window or opening. We can create shutters in a range of different shapes and sizes, to suit arched windows, angled areas and even windows that are circular, octagon or parallelogram! Many of the period properties we work on have uneven walls and recesses which is also not a problem when creating your shutters.

Living Room The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home for you and your family. It is where the majority of time is spent for many, so having a room that is comfortable to live in designed in a style that suits your taste is very important! It is also one of the first areas that visitors to your home will see, not only inside the home but often from outside. Find out more
Bedroom Shutters Shutters for bedrooms throughout the home are one of the main areas that we get asked to carry out installations. Whether you are looking for shutters for your master bedroom or children’s bedrooms, we have different styles and types of shutters to suit all needs and tastes. Having shutters fitted in your bedroom is a convenient way to adjust the light and privacy that enters your room. Find out more
Bathroom Shutters The bathroom is a room in the home where you and your family regularly require privacy and what better way than some of our bespoke shutters specifically created for bathrooms and wet rooms! Many of our clients are looking to redecorate their bathrooms and bring the look right up to date with a set of modern shutters. Find out more
Kitchen Shutters We are often asked to fit shutters for clients in their kitchen. The kitchen is an area where people spend a lot of time preparing food, cleaning and also eating in many kitchen diners. Many windows in kitchens are located next to the sink area with the possibility of patio doors out to the garden which we can also match with the same style of shutters. Find out more
Dining Room Shutters We are often asked to design and install shutters for dining room areas of the home. This is a room of the home where families often spend time together and a place to enjoy meals and socialise with friends and family. With shutters you really can achieve the best from the natural light entering the room, while also maintaining the correct amount of privacy when needed. Find out more
Home Office Shutters If you are working from home it is important to get the correct window dressing for the room that you will be spending the majority of your time. Working throughout the day at home means it is just as important to get the environment correct as you would at a normal office. You also have the added challenge of trying to match the décor and window dressings of your home office to the rest of your home. Find out more
Cinema Room Shutters With plantation shutters becoming more popular within homes throughout the UK, many are seeing the advantage of installing shutters in other less traditional rooms of the home where they will benefit from the functionality and styling of shutters. One of the types of rooms we are now commonly asked to install shutters in are cinema rooms or rooms of the home where televisions and media centres are located. Find out more
Games Room Shutters Our shutters have quickly become a popular addition to any room of the home, with many of our clients asking for bespoke shutters in extra rooms of the home such as games rooms! Whether you have a children’s games room, games room for entertaining friends and family or a man cave, we can come up with the ultimate window solution for this room. With this room often becoming a special part of the house where you can escape and have fun, it is important to get the lighting and ambience just correct. Find out more
Loft Conversion Shutters When making extra rooms in a house many homeowners opt to create a loft conversion to gain extra space. With many loft conversions being used as bedrooms it is important to get the window dressings correct both for functionality and looks. We fit shutters for clients loft conversions regularly, where they require the perfect window dressing for their skylight windows. Find out more
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