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How long do plantation shutters last

No other window coverings will give you more longevity than bespoke window shutters. In fact, if you follow a few simple care instructions, your plantation shutters should last a lifetime. High quality wood shutters will not only go the distance but their timeless appeal will add value to your home too.

Timeless Style That Lasts a Lifetime

Unlike curtains and blinds, estate agents consider plantation shutters to be part of a home’s permanent fixtures, meaning they will remain with the property even if it is sold. Unlike off-the-shelf dressings, custom made plantation shutters are fitted with absolute precision and can be tailored to fit almost any window space. Their precise fit deems it unlikely they’ll be suitable for the windows in the property you move too. Estate agents often point out the appealing features of interior shutters when conducting house viewings. Laura Maikovaite, Selling Agent at Kinleigh Folkard & Hayward Estate Agents (West Wickham branch) adds:

The elegance and longevity of plantation shutters can make a home more appealing to buyers, and in some cases, add value to your home. Shutters offer great kerb appeal, and their clean, tidy and stylish uniformity helps present a house well. Plus, their ability to retain heat, noise and privacy make for great selling points too.

Why do plantation shutters last so long?

In our opinion, there are two main factors that contribute to shutter longevity:


Quality materials are key to a quality product. Materials matter in plantation shutter construction because the needs of each room in your home may differ and therefore, influence which shutter material suits your requirements the best. Wood is the most traditional material used in interior shutter construction and is at the heart of our entire shutter range.

Why wood? Well, it’s a versatile building material that radiates natural, aesthetically pleasing, beauty, and is loved for both the warmth it exudes and the ambiance it creates. On top of that, it’s energy efficient, sustainable, durable and time-tested. Our range of wooden shutters have been specifically selected so we are able to offer solutions for all environments.

For example, a bathroom is susceptible to moisture and humidity so we may recommend manufacturing shutters from our Java Range. Java boasts a hardwood core but is finished with a hard-wearing ABS Plastic, making it perfect for bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens where water could otherwise prove challenging. Alternatively, a sunny, family living room may be better suited to our Antigua Range which is primarily manufactured from medium density fibreboard but wrapped in a water resistant polyurethane coating, making it resistant to colour fading.  This range is child and pet friendly but doesn’t compromise on quality and robustness.

Our range of materials ensure that your shutters are protected from water, UV rays and colour fading to ensure a lifetime of use, hence why we are happy to offer customers fantastic peace of mind with a 5-year warranty on all our wooden shutters.

Precise measuring is pivotal to a quality installation
Ashley Weight, Director, ShuttersUp


Quality installation. When the time comes to install the shutters, it is vital they are properly installed by an expert.  Here at ShuttersUp, we ensure all our fitters undertake extensive training within our academy before starting their role within the ShuttersUp team. Installers are not permitted to conduct any jobs until their work exceeds our standards and core values, no matter how long it takes. We follow a ‘check twice measure once’ rule to ensure all measurements and details are 100% correct, before we make shutters bespoke for you. When installing wood shutters, diligence is important. The frames need to be perfectly true and square to avoid pinched hinges and stress on the shutter panel that can cause warping. Having a professional install your shutters is worth the extra cost, compared to the 50+ years that your shutters will last, the cost is negligible.


installation guarantee

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our products and craftmanship and do everything we can to ensure that our own and our industry standards are fully met. In fact, we are so confident in our products and our work that we promise to come back to rectify any problems within 14 days of installation in the very unlikely event that an installation doesn’t meet our usual high standards.

Our Customer Care Promise covers both product quality and the expertise of our installers and lasts 14 days from the moment your installation is complete. This means that if you’re not satisfied with your shutters, we will -without hesitation- rectify any defects (you’ll understand that this doesn’t extend to the colour, design, configuration you have chosen, or any associated decoration). Offering an extra guarantee means our product and service standards stay high, and our customers are rest assured that our shutter experts will deliver an outstanding service whilst in their home.

The long-term benefits of shutters

The allurement of interior window shutters is quite widely publicised with light control, versatility, practicality and interior design appeal probably being their most attractive assets.  The long-term benefits, however, get less airtime. Let’s take a look:

Custom made window shutters are attractive to house buyers

Internal shutters are considered a permanent fixture within your home they will remain with the property even if you sell up and move on to pastures new. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions bespoke shutters are crafted and installed with unrivalled accuracy allowing them to be tailored to fit the most unusual window shape or size. If you ever come to sell your house further down the line, they make a great selling point. In fact, many of our customers choose neutral colours like pure white or silk white for their shutters to ensure the window dressing remains timeless for either an opposing design scheme you might opt for in 20 years’ time, or a house move in the distant future.

Shutters promote greater energy efficiency in the home

When fully closed, shutters serve as an extra barrier between the interior of the room and the window glass which traps warm air in the room when needed and locks the sun out when you’re trying to cool a room down.  You’ll reduce heat loss and notice a difference in your energy bills and what you invest on shutters initially, you’ll soon win back via lower energy bills in the long run.

Plantation shutters are better for your health

If you suffer from allergies, heavy dry-clean only curtains and small-slatted blinds can be tricky (and expensive) to clean, dust magnets. In this scenario, choosing a window treatment that is less likely to attract and retain dust and pollen can be life changing. Wooden shutters, particularly ones with large slats that are simple to hoover and wipe down are the ideal aid in allergy-proofing windows.

Caring for your shutters is important not just from a hygienic point of view, but to help keep them looking and working like new for years and years to come. Check out our tips on ‘how to clean shutters’ to ensure you are caring for your shutters correctly.

As the globe continues to address sustainability issues and people continue to become more environmentally friendly, investing in home fixtures that are designed to last has become increasingly popular. Window fixtures are no exception and wooden shutters for your home continue to be a valuable addition to the home both in terms of style and longevity.

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