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Maximising Your Interior Design With Plantation Shutters, Shutters

Why many home owners are investing in Shutters

Shutters continue to be an increasingly popular choice to style our windows. They offer a host of benefits over other window dressings and are an extremely elegant way in which to define a room.

A Practical Solution

Shutters can bring a whole new lease of life to a tired room, altering the light and enhancing the sense of space. Unlike curtains and blinds, they are a pleasingly low maintenance option and are easy to wipe clean of dust which is particularly good news for allergy sufferers. They can be custom-made to fit any size of window.

Great Control of Lighting

The unique benefit of shutters is that they give complete control both over how light falls into a room and also how private you wish the space to be.

A Sound Investment

Not only will shutters add to the appeal of your home and thus to its value, but they also have the additional benefit of being effective insulators, meaning that in the winter months you will keep more heat in and save on your heating bills.

Shutters for Life

High quality shutters are extremely robust. Unlike curtains which will fray and fade or blinds that will bleach in the sun, shutters are a durable solution that can last you a lifetime.

World of Colour

Made-to-measure shutters can be made in any shade you choose. Classic white will suit any room, but there is enormous scope to add a daring dash of colour to your home and make a really individual design statement. Shutters can reflect and enhance the décor of a room and whether you favour a traditional homely style, or a super-modernist feel, you can easily customise your shutters to perfectly compliment your environment.

Wood and beyond

Shutters are normally made from wood, but it is possible to create them from a host of other materials. MDF is a cheaper option and those made of certain plastics may be more suitable if you are planning to install them in a bathroom. However, for true longevity, you can’t go far wrong with the enduringly classic qualities of solid wood.

Shutter Styles

Plantation style shutters have controllable slats allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting for any room, with the added benefit of total privacy. Solid shutters are a traditional option that suit older properties. They are ideal for people who like to sleep in a perfectly dark room as they completely cover the window when closed and can be folded back during the day. They are also an excellent choice if privacy is not a key consideration. Tier-on-tier shutters are two sets of individual shutters, one above the other. Here you have more control over both light and privacy, as the two sets can be adjusted entirely independently of each other. If you are looking for an elegant way in which to bring your living space to life, shutters are the obvious choice. They tick every box, being practical, stylish, safe and a no-risk way to invest in your home’s beauty and value.

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