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Posted on 20 October 2017

What colour and finish should I pick for my Shutters?

shutter colours

Over the years we have installed shutters in every colour possible, from standard traditional whites through to multi coloured rainbow shutters for children’s bedrooms and nurseries. We find that one of the most important questions on a customer’s mind is the colour. Will it match their décor? Will the shutters stand out or blend in with the room and most importantly do the shutters reflect the clients own personal taste?

cream shutters

We often find that many of our customers already have a good idea of the type of colour and finish that they want for their new shutters, but our team of experts are always on hand to advise and recommend what we think will look amazing. We have installed shutters to every kind of building from period properties through to new builds and each room and customer brings a unique and bespoke design process. With our wealth of experience we have a pretty good idea of what will look great and can tailor our own ideas around your own style and needs!

So what colours and finishes do we offer?

Although some of our shutter ranges have some limitations on the finish that we can offer, we our able to offer a huge selection of standard colours as well as customer colours. We can even create shutters using our colour matching service using a sample provided or using paint colours from Dulux, RAL, Fire Earth, Farrow and Ball, Little Greene and Paint and Paper Library. As well as paints your shutters can be finished in a natural wood stain allowing for a lovely grained finish for the perfect natural look.

rustic grey shutters

The look you are trying to achieve

When helping the customer come to a decision on colour and finish we often ask our clients to look at the look of the room itself and the furnishings within the room. Are you looking to seamlessly blend your shutters in with the room or create a stand out finish which acts as a real focal point of the room? For customers looking for a traditional and seamless look we often suggest lighter options such as pure whites and creams which also blend in perfectly with most standard windows and any kind of room.

white teak shutters

For clients looking to make their shutters stand out we can create darker and more vibrant colours as well as darker and natural woodgrain finishes that pop out from the window recess and really catch your attention.

black shutters

Ultimately the choice of colour is yours!

We love helping our clients decide on the final finish of their shutters, but ultimately you are free to pick the bespoke colour of your shutters. We love helping you to create the ultimate look for your home and are always impressed at the natural design flare that some of our customers have once the design and installation has been brought to life. Sometimes the most unique styling and colours are the best jobs we carry out, creating a look which is truly bespoke to the homeowners own taste and like no other design we have done in the past!

oak stain shutters

custom black shutters

For a better understand of the standard colours and finishes we offer why not have a play with our “Choose your shutters” page or contact us for more information about our customer colours and design offerings.

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