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Do wooden window shutters keep a room warm?

Men and women take your corners of the ring – it’s time for the winter rounds of the thermostat wars to commence!  As we slowly move into the colder months and prepare to spend a little more time indoors, you will be keen to find ways to keep your home warm, draught free, and conserving as much energy as possible without the constant need to turn that thermostat dial up!  Investing in wooden window shutters for your home is a great place to start.  We explain how window shutters will help you keep your rooms toasty all winter.

Wood naturally warms your interiors

Wood is well known for adding warmth to interior design. If you have a lot of white/light grey shades in your home, you will probably be aware that adding wooden features can often help soften and warm the overall impression of a room. In recent years, we have witnessed interior design trends move away from hard and clinical interiors towards wood and natural materials, a move probably explained by benefits derived from the timeless and stylish appearance of wood, combined with its natural insulating properties.

Wood is a natural insulator

With so many of us trying hard to improve our carbon footprint where we can, using a material that not only delivers aesthetically but also saves energy and keeps a few more coins in our purse each month, is a no-brainer. Unlike glass, wood is particularly effective at retaining heat meaning your wooden shutters possess natural insulative properties that will go a long way in reducing the 25% – 30% of heating energy lost through the windows of an average home (as stated by the department of energy).

Wooden shutters are barriers to winter chills

Draughty rooms can be an uncomfortable and costly nuisance. Older, listed buildings with traditional windows have a tendency to be draughty, as do many Victorian and Georgian properties boasting large heat sapping windows. If you have a very large bay window in your living room or bedroom, you may find they can feel chillier compared to the other rooms in your house. However, it’s not just older buildings that are prone to letting in cold draughts, many modern homes with uPVC windows fall victim to them too.

Window shutters are a great choice for creating an insulative barrier between the glass and the interior, providing an extra layer of protection from the cold and essentially an extra layer of thickness to your glass. The shutters enable an insulative layer of air to become trapped between the shutters and the glass, helping to maintain an agreeable temperature within the house. In essence, they help keep the cold air out and the warm air in!

Utilise the winter sun

Shutter slats can easily be adjusted to either open, closed and partially open depending on the time of day allowing you to take full advantage of the winter sun during the day, allowing it to stream in to your room will warm your interior. At night, you can completely close the slats to trap in the heat.

We are proud members of the BBSA with many years of experience under our belts. Therefore, there isn’t a lot we don’t know about shutters! But, don’t just take our word for it, check out what our customers say. We have fitted shutters to virtually every type of window you can think of and we’d be delighted to chat through your requirements with you. If you want to freshen up your home and reap the energy saving, heat retaining benefits that window shutters can offer…you know who to call.

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