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Are window shutters safe with children in the house?

Protecting children is the number one priority for parents and carers across the globe, and it is particularly important that children feel safe, secure, and happy within their own home. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) report that young children (children under the age of 5) are particularly vulnerable to injury because of home accidents – we’ve all heard those scary reports of children swallowing button batteries and falling out of windows, haven’t we? The good news is, when it comes to ensuring child safety, your windows and doors are one of the easiest fixes you can make to help avoid unintentional injury at home. Here’s why window shutters are considered the most child friendly window dressing available on the market.

No hazardous cords or chains

Unlike blinds and curtains, plantation shutters are cord and chain free. While thousands of children have been injured by dangerous window blind chains and curtain cords, The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) state that over 30 children are known to have died in the UK as a result of becoming entangled with them in the last 15 years.

Motorized shutters offer jam prevention sensor

Remote controlled shutters all have a built-in jam prevention device which automatically disengages if the slats become obstructed by the inquisitive little hands of children! Trapped fingers will be impossible with this clever sensor, making motorized shutters a safe choice for homes with younger children.

Serve as an extra security barrier

Window shutters serve as an extra layer to protect children, even when the window is open. They not only offer privacy, so kids can play safely without being seen from the outside, but they also offer more security when the window (or door) is open. Plantation shutters can be locked to keep children safe and prevent them from falling out the window or escaping. Security shutters are the ultimate in window home security.

Reduce allergy symptoms

Windows and shutters can easily be kept clean and hygienic. A quick wipe with a damp cloth on a regular basis will help keep allergy triggers such as dust and pollen to a minimum. Curtains, on the other hand, are dust traps. Big, heavy drapes are also much more challenging to take down and get cleaned regularly, not to mention the hefty dry-cleaning bill associated with them. Shutters are recommended to prevent or reduce allergy symptoms.

Handy room dividers to keep babies and toddlers guarded

Plantation shutters are not just for windows they make useful room dividers too. Perfect for acting as a playpen to confine your child to an area whilst you make a well-deserved cuppa or tackle the hoovering – you can even keep an eye on them through the louvres.

Did you know?

Solid shutters or traditional plantation shutters with integrated blinds will block out light enough in your child’s bedroom so they won’t be woken up by the light, allowing them to sleep longer?  It’s true, and it is all to do with Melatonin – that sleepy hormone that helps to induce sleep and help your baby to fall into more of a regular sleep cycle. When you child is in a dark room, their pineal gland in the brain begins to produce melatonin. On the contrary, when exposed to light, the light will trigger your baby’s brain to wake up!

Made to measure shutters and integrated blinds  will block out enough light to help your children sleep longer, which not only carries massive health benefits for your child, but will be music to all parent’s’ ears! Be patient parents, babies typically do not start producing Melatonin until around 3 months old.

Not only do window shutters keep children safe in the home, but they will evolve with your child’s changing styles, from baby to teenager. If well looked after, shutters really will last you a lifetime so it’s well worth making the investment for great peace of mind as well as style.

At ShuttersUp, we don’t just stop at windows, we specialise in securing doors too.  Check out our security doors page for more information. Better still, contact us today for a no pressure, no obligation quote.

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