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Posted on 21 March 2022

Wooden window shutters

We love working with wood because it is both natural and renewable, and ideal for crafting shutters!

Are wooden window shutters worth it?

We love working with wood because it is both natural and renewable, and ideal for crafting shutters! In this article, we take a closer look at what exactly is so good about wood, the type of wood we use, and why it should be your material of choice when considering interior shutters.

What’s so good about wooden shutters?

  • UV protection = zero discolouration

  • No warping or swelling because all our timber is treated during manufacture.

  • Time tested

  • Beautiful and timeless

  • No expensive maintenance or elaborate cleaning

  • Add value to a home

  • Last a lifetime

What type of wood are wooden window shutters made of?

The term ‘wooden shutters’ describes shutters constructed using wood. i.e., no MDF, which many cheaper shutter ranges are constructed from. While our full range of shutter materials includes MDF and aluminium options, as well as waterproof shutter options better suited to wet rooms, bathrooms and commercial projects, our hardwood shutter ranges are by far the most popular and for good reason.  Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on our hardwood shutter ranges.

Hardwood shutters

What makes wooden window shutters so durable?

We have already established that the hardwoods we use for our plantation shutters are in themselves very strong and durable. However, there are a number of methods used during the production process which makes our shutters even stronger:

  • Every shutter is crafted using engineered cores – veneered hardwood layered in opposing grains and then sealed using heat and pressure. This process along ensures superior strength.
  • All our timber is treated to help prevent warping and swelling resulting from too much moisture and heat. Our wood is temperature conditioned meaning our shutters are dried to match the temperatures of its final location to ensure longevity.
  • Our shutter louvres are quarter sewn, meaning the wood grain is cut at an angle which makes them stronger to prevent warping, and even the stapes used have barbed technology chosen for their durability – with a special adhesive to give an added hold.
  • Our shutters use mortise and tenon joints which are stronger than normal dowel joints that often break under stress and movement.
  • We either paint shutters using a cellulose base painting or coat with polyurethane to protect against UV rays and discolouration.
  • We achieve the best possible finished by using custom built, slimline frame posts for a strong and superior finish.

Are wooden shutters suitable for a bathroom or kitchen?

Yes! All our shutters are treated upon manufacture to help prevent warping and swelling resulting from sunlight, condensation, and heat rising from radiators. Plus, our Java range is manufactured using a hardwood core and finished with a hard-wearing ABS Plastic, making it perfect for bathrooms, wetrooms, and kitchens where water and humidity is prevalent.

Are wooden window shutters easy to measure and install?

Yes, there is not a window shape or size that fazes our design and installation team. All our team are trained in house at our training academy so measuring and fitting is their specialism. We take a measure twice, cut once approach to ensure every single shutter we provide is measured and installed with monumental precision. Whether you have exceptionally large bay windows, or arch windows, we make high quality shutters that are built to last and installed with upmost care.

If all that wasn’t enough to reassure you that wooden window shutters are the right choice for you, then bear in mind that wood shutters offer a greater range of paints and stains than their vinyl counterparts. Plus, because they are lighter, they come with more options in terms of hinge finishes. In our opinion, wooden shutters are the most versatile material choice. When well looked after, our shutters will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation owner of your home.

Our shutter styles include tier on tier shutters, full height, solid and café style shutters. Plus, we can also craft shutters for unusually shaped windows and openings as well as shutters that operate on a track system (such as for bi-folding patio doors). Why not book a design consultation today where we can chat through your options, show you lots of examples of our work and bring some sample shutters for you to see up close? We’ll measure up while we are there to provide you with a no obligation quote to ponder too.

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